About us

Summit collection company for debt collection

It is one of the national companies registered since 2008 and holds all the necessary licenses from the official authorities to work in the field of debt collection for third parties. Ministry of Commerce license No. 1156. Ministry of Justice license. Implementation of the recovery of movable assets, license number (400500004). We are distinguished in this field where we rely on planning and work. The studied institutional in accordance with the best practices in the field of service provision to achieve the best results in effective and standard ways, which saves our customers time, effort and money, and we work through two specialized departments in this field. 1- The Collection Department, which includes a team that has a long history in the field of debt collection and has the ability to complete the tasks assigned to it with high professionalism in the spirit of one team. It also has a commitment to complete confidentiality of customer accounts and their information. 2- The legal department, which includes a legal team capable of accomplishing the tasks entrusted to it professionally and competently.

About the company

We, Summit Collection Company for Debt Collection, are pleased to present to you our overview of the collection of bad debts, as we have the experience and competence necessary to collect on your behalf the late and bad money and cash and the assets transferred to the debtors in a faster and innovative ways compatible with the system according to the latest methods and skills in this field Through a team that has experience, competence and training to do this task on your behalf, saving you time, effort and money.